Each Friday we choose a child from each class for our Merit Assemblies - this award can be made for displaying a positive attitude, excellent work, behaviour, progress or exceptional achievement.

Week ending 6 March 2020

Year Class Winning Group Special Merit Top Scorer
6 Mrs Thomas Mozart Special merit: Jess - being a lovely smiley ray of sunshine Minnie
Learner of the week: Minnie - confidence in Maths
6 Miss Edwards Mozart Special merit:  Taya - always being positive & encouraging member of class Ethan H
Learner of the week: Josie - being so creative in your writing
5 Miss Wyers Mozart Special merit: Connor - great attitude & being helpful Toby
Learner of the week: Antoine - confidence to work alone
5 Miss Lounton Beethoven Special merit: Clayton - confidence in Maths - got onto the challenge


Learner of the week: Issie P - resilience in both English & Maths
4 Miss Harding Mozart Special Merit: Isiah - working collaboratively Summer
Learner of the week:  Krisha - presentation & achieving a pen license
4 Mr Barraclough Elgar Special merit: Matthew - caring & positive attitude Danny S
Learner of the week: Naomi - perseverance in Maths
3 Mr Vyas/Miss Light Vivaldi Special merit: Finlay FB - brave & strong despite broken arm Mia D
Learner of the week: Finlay A - creative similes to describe
3 Miss Reed Mozart Special merit: Maisie - for being so enthusiastic about today!


Learner of the week: Phoebe - for creating a creative & thoughtful potion
Politest Class Miss Harding's Class    
Highest Attendance - Class Miss Reed's Class 100%
Charter Marks