Head Boy & Girl

In Year Six, pupils have the opportunity for more responsibility and leadership opportunities.  Our highest honours are to be voted a Head Boy or Head Girl.

We have other positions of responsibility including Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girls, Senior Prefects, Sports Captains to name but a few.

In September the Year 5 pupils interested in these roles are invited to give a speech in front of the whole school.  We all listen and then everyone gets a vote; every child and every adult!  Pupils with the most votes become the Head Boys and Head Girls.

From September 2022 the following pupils hold these positions:

  Rooksdown Greenbank
Head Boy Robbie A and Kabilan K Sol
Deputy Head Boys Jacob H and Jacob E Rhys and Finlay FB
Head Girl Evie F and Evie C Raya, Chi Chi and Nina
Deputy Head Girls Scarlett L, Isabel F, Zulal and Lana Georgie and Maisie
Assistant Head Boys Max H and Rory B Alden and Caleb
Assistant Head Girls Kayla N, Jazmeen S, Ellie M and Aanya C Freya and Sasha
Senior Prefects Harvey P, Charles W, Hezze, Elise, Sam P, Dan J and Jessica G Mya, Emilia C, Lola, Fanni, Piper, Libby, Tyler, Ethan, Pheobe, Roceall, Mia and Julia
Prefects Zidaan A, Melinda, Fran M, Lexi P, Sarah I, Alex Q, Jamie P and Frankie S Grace D, Bonnie, Kassie, Luca, Olivia D and Olivia H
Monitors   Ryan, Bradley, Finley A, Zayden, Luke K, Talia, Isabella, Amelia T, Caelan, Theo, William, Teddie-Joshua, Amelia C, Daisy E and Alessia
Sports Captains Timi, Alisha M, Connor C and Jessica M Mylo, Maddie, Jacob and Maggie
Deputy Sports Captain Sonny J, Danny H, Emil, Nat Nat, Ismet, Shane R and Roxy B Stanley, Liam, Bethany, Olivia L and Amelia B-H
Assistant Sports Captain   Riley S, Riley E, Dominic and Tommy


Congratulations to these pupils. We are confident that they will be excellent representative of our school.

During the year we watch all the year 6 pupils’ carefully and if they show exemplary attitude we can promote pupils.

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