The Pupil Premium allocation of money supports the progress of key groups of vulnerable children who, for a number of reasons, may find their learning more difficult. Specifically, it is allocated for those children receiving free school meals and service families. Considerable time and resource is invested in:

  • Staff training and pupil progress tracking systems.
  • 1 to 1 teaching with a member of the school team. This support can take place during the school day or in some cases after school.
  • Small group support from a member of our PTP team.
  • Small group support from a member of the teaching team.
  • ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support) or extra pastoral support.

All staff are involved in targeting and tracking the impact of the Pupil Premium funding are:

Key leads are:

  • Ms R Willmouth (Deputy Head Teacher)
  • Miss H Cocker (PP Champion Greenbank)
  • Mrs J Hartley (PP Champion Rooksdown)
  • Mrs T Lund (SENDCo)
  • The PTP team
  • Heads of Year

If you would like further information on expenditure please refer to the Pupil Premium Grant 2017-2018 document.

Pupil Premium Development Plan 2021-22

Date of Statement: October 2021

Review Date: July 2022

  Total No. of Eligible Pupils Amount Per Pupil Total Amount

Ever 6 Free School Meal Children - children currently eligible for free school

meals, or having been in the last six years

107 (GB 45, RD 61) £1,345 £143,915

Ever 6 Service Children – children with parents in the armed forces, or who

have been in the last six years

2 (GB 1 RD 1) £310 £620

Previously Looked After Children – adopted children who have previously been

in the care system

8 (GB 5, RD 3) £2,345 £18,760
Looked after Children (LAC) - children in the care system 1 £2,345 £2345
Total no. of pupils eligible for PP funding 119 (GB 54 RD 65)   £165,950

The above figures refer to the 2021/22 academic year and reflect the pupils currently in the school. The total figure for the 2021/22 financial year for Pupil Premium is £131,600.

Pupil Premium Information