Year R Spring Topics 2018

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Class Teacher


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Spring 2018 in Reception

Our topics this term will be ‘Superheroes and Ready, Steady, Grow!’

Our topic work is organised into the areas of learning according to the Early Years Foundation Stage. This curriculum overview gives you an insight into what your child will be learning during the term ahead as well as ways you can support your child’s learning at home.

Independent Learning time is an important aspect of Year R and is regularly timetabled throughout the week. It provides opportunities for children to make choices, organise their time and evaluate their work through a variety of activities across the curriculum. We are working hard with the children on the language of learning e.g. “ I am getting better at..”,”I am finding out about..”, “I am practising..”

If you would like further information about your child’s learning, or about the methods or strategies we use to teach, please feel free to come and talk to us.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This term the children will talk about things they are good at and begin to explore how they might get better at some things. We will be encouraging them to explain their own knowledge and understanding. In the classroom and during circle time we will be discussing how to resolve conflicts independently. As they have been at school for a term we will work with the children on developing confidence to speak in front of a group and try new activities.

Physical Development

The children will continue to improve their control and co-ordination by practising skills using various apparatus and equipment. After half term the children will be learning different ways of stretching and curling and applying these skills on the large apparatus. The children will do multi skills movement - stopping and changing direction and sending and receiving objects.

As well as gross motor skills, the children need to be able to form letters correctly with good pencil grip for this Early Learning Goal. Handwriting is very important- The children will be consolidating their correct pencil grip and letter formation this term. They will also be learning to form numbers correctly.

Communication, Language and Literacy

This term we will be working with the children to develop their communication, language and literacy skills in the following areas:-

Speaking and Listening – Regular ‘Circle Times’ to provide opportunities to listen to each other and take turns. Children will be following instructions daily and joining in conversations. The children will be encouraged to speak in sentences and participate in discussions. They will enjoy regular role-play opportunities. Children will be encouraged to speak and listen for a variety of purposes and audiences. Situations will be set up in the classroom to encourage conversations and language skills.

Writing – Adults will be modelling writing daily. The children will be learning to use their phonic knowledge to write simple words. They will learn to spell set 1 and 2 words and use them in simple sentences. They will be encouraged to write more independently for a variety of purposes in all classroom areas, both inside and out.

Reading – The children will: continue to develop letter and sound recognition through our phonics programme; respond to stories; memorise words and simple texts; learn to read high frequency words on sight and develop a variety of reading skills in small guided reading groups known as Reading Roundabout.


Daily opportunities to count, recognise numbers, and learn the order of numbers will continue, now working with numbers up to 20. The children will also: engage in practical addition and subtraction activities; explore mass, capacity and length, learning to use correct vocabulary; investigate 2D and 3D shape; develop their knowledge of money and time and continue to investigate pattern.

Understanding the World

Children will be:

  • exploring a number of different materials and their appropriateness for certain uses.
  • designing and building a variety of objects.
  • sorting objects and materials.
  • finding similarities and differences.
  • learning about the concept of ‘Specialness’ in RE.
  • developing skills through the use of computers, cameras and LearnPads.
  • learning about how to care for animals and plants.
  • using the internet to research plants and flowers
  • learning to draw simple maps.
  • using language relating to the passing of time.

Expressive Art and Design

The children will explore colour through painting and collage and will have a variety of different creative opportunities (e.g. printing, sketching, drawing, design). In Music, the children will be learning about pitch and tempo by playing percussion instruments. The children will be listening and responding to different styles of music. They will be singing and learning to play instruments within a song. We will continue to learn songs and rhymes throughout the week. We will continue to develop our Food Technology skills this term, learning how to spread a soft ingredient and make sandwiches and make soup.

Ways parents can help

There are several ways in which you can help your child this term:-

  • Encourage your child to listen carefully and enter into discussion and conversations where clear, accurate sentences are expected!
  • Encourage correct pronunciation so that the children can be clearly understood. This helps their written work when trying to word-build.
  • Encourage your child to tell school staff if they have a problem.
  • Encourage your child to ‘have a go’, getting things right first time doesn’t always happen!
  • Help to develop your child’s independence by encouraging them to be as independent as possible e.g. teaching and expecting them to take off/put on their own coats and gloves.
  • Practise correct letter formation and name writing (first and last names)
  • Continue to practise phonic skills daily.
  • Support the reading and spelling of high frequency words.

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