Year 5 Autumn Topics 2017

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Autumn 2 Topics


  • The children will be writing:
    • A poem study about Space and writing own version
    • A non-chronological report based on "Pandora"
    • A narrative based on "The Man in the Moon"
    • A review linked to the cinema trip
  • Their writing will include opportunities to:
    • Identify audience for, and purpose of, their writing.
    • Select appropriate grammar and vocabulary, understanding how choices can enhance meaning.
    • Evaluate and edit the effectiveness of their own and other’s writing.
    • Use expanded noun phrases to convey complicated information concisely.
    • Use relative clauses beginning with who, which, where, when, whose, that.
    • Use commas to clarify meaning or avoid ambiguity
    • Convert nouns or adjectives into verbs
    • Ensure correct subject and verb agreement.
    • Use brackets, dashes or commas to indicate a parenthesis.
  • In reading, the children will be learning to:
    • Ask questions to improve their understanding of a text.
    • Check the book makes sense to them by discussing their understanding.
    • Retrieve, record and present information from non-fiction.
    • Participate in discussions about books that are read to them (or to themselves), providing reasoned justifications for their views.
    • Predict what might happen from details stated and implied.
    • Draw inferences such as inferring characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives.
    • Identify how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning.
    • Show understanding through intonation, tone and volume so that meaning is clear to an audience.
    • Identify and discuss themes and conventions in a wide range of writing.

 Maths (this will be taught over the whole of the Autumn Term)

  • Place value of 5-digit numbers.
  • Addition – including rounding to check answers to calculations
  • Multiplication & Division – identify multiples and factors (finding factor pairs and common factors); know prime numbers; multiply and divide numbers mentally; multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.
  • Fractions – compare and order fractions; recognise mixed fractions and improper fractions and convert from one to another; add and subtract numbers with the same denominator.
  • Measurement – Convert between different units of measure; measure and calculate the perimeter of composite rectilinear shapes; calculate and compare the area of rectangles
  • Statistics – complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables.
  • Properties of shape – identify 3-D shapes from 2-D drawings; estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles.
  • Identify angles at a point total 360 degrees.


  • Space
    • Describe the movement of the planets and the moon.
    • Describe the relative sizes and distances between the planets and the sun.
    • Describe how day and night works through the Earth's rotation.

Computing: Website - design a website about space.


  • Interpretation - studying how the Christmas story is told from different viewpoints
  • Responding to Holst's The Planets.


  • Designing and Making a Cam Operated Moving Toy


  •          Producing an accurate drawing of the basic cam mechanism;
  •          Producing a labelled drawing of the adaptations made to the basic cam frame
  •          Keeping a record of modifications and improvements made during designing and making;
  •          Evaluating the completed toy, identifying strengths and weaknesses.


  •          Accurate marking, cutting and assembly of the basic mechanism;
  •          Accurate and reliable fixing of cam followers / movement of toy;
  •          Quality of completed cam toy.
  • Space splatter painting - inspired by Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock.


  • Risks and pressures - how these affect our lives
Autumn 1 - Gymnastics (Bridges) & Net and Wall (Tennis). Autumn 2 - Dance & Invasion Games (Hockey, Rollerball, Football, Handball, Tag Rugby). Lead to competition and creative game making.

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