Year 4 Spring 1 Topics 2018

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Spring 1 Topics


“What makes a good friend?”
This half term, we will be focusing our writing on the book “Stig of the Dump”
by Clive King. The children will be writing a diary (from Stig’s point of view) to
reflect on some of the adventures the pair have in the story.
The children will also use drama to help them write a police report about a
robbery that occurs in the book.

Children will be learning:

  • Plural nouns of words ending in “o”
  • Words ending in ‘-ous’
  • ‘-sure’ and ‘-ture’ endings
  • Unstressed vowels


The children will look at a range of shapes and identify lines of symmetry.
The children will be learning how to solve problems involving units of
measure, as well as converting between different units by X/÷ by 10, 100,
We will also reintroduce the concept of time, including both digital and
analogue clocks (12hr and 24hr).
The children will find equivalent fractions.


Welcome to the UK
The children will be learning all about Basingstoke. They will focus on different
landscapes and what makes this place unique. The will also compare
similarities and differences between 2 different places in the UK.

In computing, the children will be looking at How the Internet Operates. They will be learning about how networks, the internet and search engines work.


Passover (Freedom)

The children will explore the celebration of Passover, including looking at how
freedom is expressed in Judaism. The children will role play a Seder meal and
write a diary of before and after the exodus of Jewish slaves in Egypt.


What is bullying?
This unit will focus on what bullying is and children will discuss different
strategies that can help them to deal with friendship issues. They will also
learn to distinguish between friendship issues and bullying.

PE - on a Monday

Dance linked to class topics and Invasion style games. using tactics and strategies to outwit an opponent. 

Homework Routines are:
  • Monday to Monday spellings
  • Reading and times tables expected at least 4 times a week. (please have their profiles filled in and signed)
  • Maths will be set Monday to Monday and be based on the previous week’s learning

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