Year 4 Autumn Topics 2017

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Autumn 2 Topics


Habitats – What is home?
This half term we will be focusing on Habitats. We will use a wonderfully illustrated book called “Coming Home” and a Sainsbury’s adverts to inform our non-fiction writing. We will also use a poetry book of animals and nature to create our own poems. Nearer to Christmas, the children will read the classic text “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” to write a narrative of their own magical place.

Children will be learning:

  • Plural nouns of words ending in “o”

  • Revisiting possessive apostrophe in words with regular and irregular plurals

  • A range of prefixes and suffixes and how they change the meaning of words

  • Personal spelling lists and a range of strategies for children to experiment with.


Multiplication and division
Use place value, known and derived facts to multiply and divide mentally

(e.g 3X4= 12 so 30X4 = 120)

To be able to solve problems including multiplication

The children will begin to recognise and show fractions using resources, add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and solve problems involving fractions.

Measurement and Geometry
We will look at interpreting data on a range of graphs, as well as creating our own data and graphs.

The children will also plot co-ordinates and identify lines of symmetry. 


The children will be ordering key historical events in Britain, in order to deepen their chronological understanding.

Computing - This half term, the children are going to experience collaboration working with Google. 


In the lead up to Christmas, the children will describe the concept of holy. We will look at Mary and how the Catholic faith believes she was a holy figure.


This half term we will be partaking in national anti-bullying week. The children will also explore how we are all different, and ways in which we can celebrate diversity.


The children will explore the work of Claude Monet, and they will use pictures painted by Monet to link to colours and times of year.

PE - on a Monday

Autumn 2 - We are introducing Cross Country running plus invasion games skills. An invasion game is defined as a territorial fluid team game with goal targets and involving free play of the ball with variations of body contact. The emphasis on this term will be to look at fitness as to participate rather than to compete.

Homework Routines are:
  • Monday to Monday spellings
  • Reading and times tables expected at least 4 times a week. (please have their profiles filled in and signed)
  • Maths will be set Monday to Monday and be based on the previous week’s learning

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