Year 3 Autumn Topics 2017

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Autumn 1 & 2 Topics


This term we will be writing for a range of purposes such as to inform, entertain, instruct and recount. We will begin the term by consolidating skills covered in previous topics before moving onto our own which include Scaredy Squirrel, George’s marvellous medicine and Harry potter. 


Our focus for the first part of this term is consolidating the children’s previous learning. We will then cover the following topics

  • Use multiple of 5 and 10 bonds to 100 to solve additions and subtractions; add and subtract 1-digit numbers to and from 2-digit numbers
  • Compare and order 2- and 3- digit numbers; count on and back in 10s and 1s; add and subtract 2-digit numbers; solve problems using place value
  • Know multiplication and division facts for the 5, 10, 2, 4 and 3 times-tables; doubling and halving
  • Know and understand the calendar, including days, weeks, months, years; tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes on analogue and digital clocks; know the properties of 3D shapes
  • Comparing, ordering and understanding place value of 2- and 3-digit numbers; subtracting from 2- and 3-digit numbers; using prediction to estimate calculations


Our first science topic this year is rocks and soils. In this unit, children will discover the different types of rocks and how they are formed. Children will compare and group rocks based on appearance and simple properties. They will learn how fossils are formed and learn about the contribution of Mary Anning to the field of palaeontology. Children will understand how soil is formed and then investigate the permeability of different types of soil.


Through our first history topic the children will learn about how the Stone Age to Bronze Age period impacted on life in Britain. They will learn about how early man survived in a harsh environment, why Skara Brae was important for understanding life in the Stone Age, how copper mining was crucial to the Bronze Age and why Stonehenge was built. Children will also learn about why Iron Age people developed hillforts and how important Druids were in Iron Age Britain.

Computing - eSafety


Within this topic, children will explore the concept of belonging and express a personal response. We will then compare our own experiences to those of Buddhists and Muslims.


We will begin the year with colour mixing, self-portraits and observational still life drawing.


Autumn 1 - Gymnastics (Shape and Balance) and Multi skills. Autumn 2 - Dance (Just Dance) and Multi skills

Homework Routines are:
Day  Things to Remember
Monday Hand in Home School Book (reading, times tables and online homework will be checked every Monday) 

Spelling lists/rules are given out and the previous week's rule is tested 

Please ensure your child has brought their PE kit in ready for Wednesday 

Maths homework set for both classes today.

Tuesday Hand in Home School Book. 
Hand in Home School Book if your child has a note for the class teacher  
Thursday Hand in Home School Book if your child has a note for the class teacher  
Friday  Hand in Home School Book for charter stamps 


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