Year 2 Spring 1 Topic 2018

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Mr K Balcombe Mrs E Cowburn
Spring 1 Topics

This half term the children will be looking at the narrative ‘Samson’s Titanic Journey’ as the stimulus for their writing.


We will be looking at developing expanded noun phrases and the use of suffixes. We will be focusing on writing in the 1st person and to consistently write in the past tense. We will continue developing joined cursive handwriting and concentrating on the year 1 and 2 common exception words.


We will be looking at time (recapping o’clock, half past as well as introducing quarter past, quarter to and five minute intervals). We will be looking at statistics (Pictograms, tally charts, block diagrams and tables). We will also be revisiting number.  


We will again be focusing on materials; this time looking at the suitability of materials, especially looking at the waterproof properties of materials. 


The children will be looking at the Titanic and the significance of the tragic event. We will be looking at the world’s oceans and using compass directions.


We will be focusing specifically on feelings. It explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘Good to be me'. The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners.


We are looking at the artist LS Lowry. We will be developing mixing and using colour. 

Homework   Spellings will be set on a Monday and tested the following Monday.

English and Maths homework will be set on Mondays and can be handed in anytime up until the following Monday. 

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