School Senate

An opportunity to represent our peers

Castle Hill Primary School belongs to all of us, so our opinions matter.

We have a School Council (which we call Student Senate) which means that everybody's voice can be heard.

In September, pupils from each year group make speeches and their peers vote for who they want to represent them as a member of the Student Senate. Each class votes for two children usually a boy and a girl. The teachers also have a vote and they can nominate children for all sorts of reasons.  Once voted onto the Senate these representatives meet with Mr Martin and Miss Wyers regularly.  The meetings begin with a greeting of 'salutations!' and then we talk about issues raised at class level.

We have a chairperson from year 6 who leads our meetings and Miss Wyers helps us make to decisions.

Some of the changes that the Student Senate have been involved in are:

Names for school colour groups, many fundraising initiatives, different choices of activities for Friday Fun and most recently how we can spend time with Ruffles so it is fair.

Senate Members:

Chair girl -  and Chair boy – TBC

Secretary – TBC


Ben Adair

Oskar Fratczak

Freya Howley


Esme Willgoss

Khyra Francis

Harry Copestake


Oliver Bennett

Medha Bhat

Alexis Osborne


Taya Rounce

Aidan Leeds

Summer Moriarty



Daniel Owen

Zaina El-Shaer

Ryley Fulbrook



Reece Wardle

Georgia Shorthouse

Daisy-Bow Andrew



Kaiden Miah

Lilly Gillam

Danah El-Shaer



Jacob Doran

Grace Insley

Alfie Osborne


T. 01256 473777 E.