School Meals

Hot meals are cooked on the premises, the children have a choice between a meat or vegetarian option and make their choice at registration time. This enables our cook to plan the quantities required more accurately and also ensure the pupils get a meal of their choice. Further details of the Hampshire Primary School Menus are available at

A free school meal will be provided for children in YR, 1 and 2 if you wish them to have one and they request one at registration time. 

Castle Hill Primary School has a NO DEBT policy relating to the school meals, meals must be paid online in advance.

The cost of school meals for Autumn Term 2017 for pupils in KS2 is:

Daily: £2.15
Weekly: £10.75
First Half Term: £70.95 (33 days x £2.15)
Second half term: £79.55 (37 days x £2.15)

Whole Term = £150.50

If your child is going to be late, e.g. because of a medical appointment and will miss the ordering of their meal, please give the office a call so we can give to the kitchen the correct meal choice. Meal orders close at 9.45 a.m.

As we are now a cashless school for school meals please make your payments online (using debit or credit card). Money should not be handed over to the Admin Team on the reception desk. Alternatively, children can bring a packed lunch to eat at lunch time. 

At playtime, the children are able to eat a healthy mid-morning snack. The Government provides funding for children in Reception, Year 1 and 2 to have a piece of fruit or vegetable daily. Parents of children in older year groups are asked to provide their child with a piece of fruit or vegetable from home each day. 


Are you eligible for free school meals?

The Government is giving money to schools to help children from lower income families do their very best. This funding is called a ‘Pupil Premium’.   For every child registered, Castle Hill Primary School receives funding which enables us to provide additional support and resources, for example, extra one-to-one tuition, new equipment and materials for pupils or provide extra classroom support. If you are registered for Free School Meals you could also get help with costs to support your child’s education and achievement. For example, the pupil premium can help fund the cost of school trips, extra-curricular activities and books.

Please register to make sure your child and others in their class and the school don’t miss out.  No one will know you have registered and it will not affect any other benefits you are claiming.

Please consider the following:

  1. Check if you qualify.  It is not just if you are unemployed, so please look at the checklist and refer to the information for free school meals in Hampshire schools.
  2. Registering is really quick and easy. If you think you qualify, you can register online or contact the School Office who will help you to register.
  3. Your child will be entitled to a free, healthy meal at lunchtime (saving you more than £350 a year) and extra benefits. The school will also get additional funding to support your child and others to enjoy and achieve.
  4. You can decide not to take advantage of the free school meal, as long as you qualify and have registered, the school will receive the additional funding.

T. 01256 473777 E.